Why City Road Works Take Long To Get Complete

In a bid to upgrade the city, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) embarked on a multi billion program to modify city roads.

This was also done to decongest and ease traffic flow in the capital.

Although some have been completed, they are faced with challenges which affect especially the time frames in which the contractors take to hand over the work.

This leaves the public wondering why most of the city road works take long to be complete.

Chimp corps talked to experts from KCCA’s major contractors handling various city road projects and pointed out the challenges they face which lead to delay in completion of the projects.

Amongst the hindrances, Experts said that paper work regarding designs and compensation processes affect their work grossly.

According to Contractors, they normally commence projects with partial approved designs which makes hard to work on a project at once. They say that road designs go through a bureaucratic process to be approved.

They pointed out that their client on several occasions also delay to compensate private property owners. These are individuals whose property is either demolished or damaged in the process of road works.


“KCCA who is our client does not own property, therefore they have to compensate the individual property owners which at times take long for the two parties to agree,” said one of the experts from a construction company.

The contractors also said that they fail to skip the uncompensated property and halt the whole process which leads to the delay in completion.

A site manager from Stirling construction company pointed out utility channels.These include electricity cables water and sewer line, Telecom cables among other service providers.

He revealed that the work of shifting those lines fall under the roles of the client but sometimes it lacks budget to do the work immediately.

He however said that apparently all the new roads in Kampala city have planned utility channels therefore it will minimise on the damages caused by utility providers who dig up roads in the city.

Also amongst the challenges noted was traffic. It was said that Police retains the mandate to regulate traffic in the city including the roads under construction.

Site supervisors on Mutebi Road in Mengo and Namirembe road both roads apparently under construction said traffic police at times orders to stop construction for hours which paralyzes the projects.

Workers shifting utility lines on one of Kampala city roads under construction (Courtesy Photo)

“This happens because most of the city roads lack access roads, however where they are, they are not in good state,” he noted

The delays were also attributed to bad weather conditions which they termed as the unavoidable hinderace in their work.

For this case, heavy downpours according to contractors, always sweep away the already laid materials hence reversing the processes.

However despite the challenges, Experts said that they request for additional time to ensure quality works.

In the recent past Kampala capital city authority has modified several city roads.

The modifications were mainly done by removing roundabouts and expanding major road junctions and fixed with traffic lights.

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