WHO Representative Credits Uganda on Reduced Covid Infection Rate

The World Health Organisation Representative to Uganda, Yonas Tegegn has credited the Government for hastily locking the country at the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic in March.

While speaking at the virtual Geo-Political conference on Monday, Tegegn said although this did not take away the illness, it played a crucial role in suffocating infection rates and elevating the country’s response systems.

“Uganda is having slightly above 10,000 infected cases with 97 deaths and when we see the evolution of Covid in Uganda because of the lockdown and early action, the pandemic was very well controlled,” he observed.

“The lock down was able to help in delaying the potential increase of cases, it allowed the government and all the community to be prepared for it, to increase the number of beds and so forth.”

Tegegn however retorted that perhaps if test kits were not scarce they would have detected many more cases.

“Globally, the supply of test kits is constrained. We are talking about ten times twenty times. Currently for example Uganda is doing between 1800 at the peak of it up to 4000 tested a day. They (test kits) are supposed to come from many in the developed world… Generally, those supplies are not available as much as we would like,” he explained.

Uganda’s test kits are from Germany, Korea, China and the United States of America among many others.

Meanwhile, Italy’s Ambassador to Uganda Massimiliano Mazzanti said putting the country under key and lock was very important to study the ambiguous viral pandemic.


Mazzanti explicitly disclosed that the age factor played a key role in fanning Covid-19 deaths in Italy.

“The difference with Uganda is truly in numbers but the reality also is easy to explain. We are the oldest country in the world after Japan. You know the 36,000 people who unfortunately lost their life in Italy; their average age was 80 years old. The pandemic wiped out our entire grandparents generation,” he elaborated.

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