WHO Covid-19 Results Don’t Match Those of Health Ministry, Gov’t Wants Error Rectified

The Government of Uganda has expressed concern over the errors made by World Health Organization (WHO) in reporting Uganda’s COVID-19 confirmed cases.

WHO has continued to add positive foreign truck drivers to Uganda’s COVID-19 tally, something that is contrary to the directive issued by President Museveni that only COVID-19 positive Ugandan truck drivers should be counted among Uganda’s COVID-19 statistics.

While as of Sunday June 14th Uganda says it has 696 cases, the WHO says the country has 823 cases.

Addressing the nation about COVID-19 on Saturday, the Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng said that Government has formally communicated to WHO to correct it’s COVID-19 figures on Uganda and deduct foreign truck drivers.

“We have noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to report statistics different from the Government of Uganda’s position. The Ministry of Health has formally communicated to the World Health Organization to rectify this error and this will be reflected in their reports as soon as it is worked on,” said Aceng.

On 20th May 2020, President Museveni issued a directive that foreign truck drivers who test positive for COVID-19 must not be allowed into the country and their numbers should not be captured as part of the country’s statistics since they are just transiting through the country.

Museveni also directed that Uganda’s statistics be revised to discount all foreign truck drivers from Uganda’s case count.

At the time, the Uganda’s COVID-19 confirmed cases were 264 and upon deducting all the foreign truck drivers, the case count dropped to 145.


Since then, the Ministry of Health has been issuing results without capturing foreign truck drivers.

Meanwhile, Lira Regional Referral Hospital on Saturday discharged all 20 patients who were positive for COVID-19. They were successfully treated and tested negative twice for COVID-19 bringing the total number of COVID-19 recoveries in Uganda to 219.


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