“Where Were You Before She Became This Popular?” – Abenakyo Relatives Blast Public

Relatives of Quinn Abenakyo, Miss Uganda and Miss World Africa were not all pleased by the incident that transpired at the Airport during their daughter‘s arrival yesterday.

The disgruntlement started when they heard that Abenakyo was just going to be swiftly taken away immediately without them having a moment with her.

“Where do you think you are taking her? That is our daughter we must see her…You have just known her, we know her from childhood,” some were heard bitterly rumbling in the background.

One who identified herself as Grace Abenakyo, the queen’s auntie felt she could not take it anymore on seeing the large crowd of people waiting for Abenakyo.

“Where were you back then when we were bringing her to the airport? We were only six people…why dint you come then?” she asked irritably.

She went on to complain in ‘lusoga’, “Why come at the last minute yet you were not here when we needed you most . Even if you were not to give us any financial support at least you would have come for moral support.”

Abenakyo is said not to have got enough support at the beginning of the Miss World journey; everyone they reached out to for support turned them down.

It is reported that it was former Miss Uganda cum actress Stella Nantumbwe who helped purchase her the air ticket.


However, currently after her exceedingly performance and global popularity, everyone and every company seem to desire a piece of her fame which has left some people unhappy.

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