Where to Dine for Traditional Delicacies Around Kampala


Tired of the routine menu around Kampala eateries or craving that traditional delicacy you haven’t tasted in a while?

We bring you some of the city spots that can satisfy your pursuit for particular kinds of food in this “get me the usual” menu situation.

Achooli food

Vegetables make a great deal of Ugandan food and the Acholi pride in Malakwang

If you are from northern Uganda more so Gulu, appetizing boo, lapena and malakwang mixed with sim sim paste can be got at restaurants along Nile Avenue.

The sauce is served together with the best Kalo.  Anyoya(the mixture of dry boiled maize and beans) is also served for breakfast with a drink of your choice. The same food can be found down town at Arua Park.

Nice Asian Food

Sea food is not a major meal for most Ugandans but key for various foreign communities.

All kinds of Asian food are prepared around Ternan Avenue. This holiday, a lot of cuisines have been added as well as typical Indian food with the best home spices.


Eshabwe and other Kinyankole food

Made from cow ghee, ‘eshabwe’ is Western Uganda’s unique sauce

For yummy Kinyankole foods, go to restaurants and hotels around the Uganda Museum. ‘Eshabwe’, well prepared in local pots and with the best aroma is found here.

It’s served together with other local foods including matooke, cassava and kalo. You can also get good eshabwe and all western Uganda food at restaurants opposite KPC.

Malewa and other Bagisu food

Malewa is bamboo sprouts mixed with groundnut paste to make sauce.

For the best Bagisu food in town, look no further because restaurants a round Lumumba Avenue will get you covered. The best malewa in town is prepared here. The same taste can be got at restaurants opposite Old Taxi Park.

Ateso food

Get a feel of Ateso boo with ground nut paste and kalo in Kireka along Kamuli road. Similarly hotels on Capital shoppers Complex Ntinda provide the best roasted meat in ground nut paste with Kalo. You can get the best Atapa here as well.

Mukaro and Kalo

Kalo which is mingled millet, is popular among many regions and tribes in Uganda.

Batooro and Banyankole can get mukaro (meat that has been roasted or smoked and has less fat) in restaurants opposite CPS. It’s served in all forms i.e. in ground nuts or fried. It’s served along with matooke, kalo and other foods.

The same cuisine can be found at restaurants around the Uganda Museum. They also provide amachunda and amakamo for milk lovers.


Kikonzo food, sombe in ground nut paste, with fish or plain is served with kalo and other foods along Lumumba Avenue. Similarly, several hotels in Nsambya provide the same food.


Ugali (posho) is a Kenyan staple food but also a Ugandan everyday meal.

Kenyans who plan to spend their Christmas in Uganda can have a feel of Kenyan ugali in restaurants and hotels around Lumumba Avenue, Ternan Avenue, Kintu road and also in a number of restaurants down town.


Restaurants along Luwumu street will give you the best touch of Luwombo in all forms. They prepare Luwombo in groundnuts, meat and chicken among other sauces.

It’s served along with all types of local food. Other places that are familiar with this delicacy are hotels above Old Taxi Park.

Chinese food

All forms of Chinese cuisines especially sea food is prepared in hotels around Kintu road, Jinja road and Lugogo by pass.


The ‘mighty’ Ugandan Rolex.

Well, ‘rolex’ which is a combination of chapattis and an omelette(rolled within one or two chapattis depending on the buyer’s wish) has lately become one of those go-to quick bites.

This has become one of Uganda’s famous delicacies and it’s being served in different hotels and restaurants in Kampala. For the best rolex around town, try hotels around Jinja road and around the Uganda museum.

Rolex is a ‘staple’ food that can be accessed from almost every chapatti stall around the city.

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