When an Elephant Charged at Us in Queen Elizabeth NP

Never in my peaceful mind did l imagine I would be at the receiving end of this petrifying experience

I have always watched and enjoyed videos of animals in the wild charging at tourists and park goers. The common culprits are usually elephants, buffalos and giraffes.

Never in my peaceful mind did l imagine I would be at the receiving end of this petrifying experience

For a second there it felt like l was in a Nat Geo wild video.

A few weeks ago, I and other colleagues from Karibu Travel Magazine visited Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Our excitement was up in the clouds. First off, we saw a herd of antelopes, buffaloes and there came the elephants crossing from one side of the road to another.

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The bull was trailing a herd of elephants

The driver stopped the car for us to take photos of the gentle giants.

It was a big herd of both make, female and calves.


What we did not know is that a bull t was trailing in the wake of the group until it appeared a few minutes later.

At first it ignored us and just posed for photos but this did not last long.

When it seemed like it would also cross and follow the rest, it just ambled into the middle of the road and stared down at us.

And out of the blue it began acting uneasy trumpeting loudly and stumping strongly on the ground.

At this moment we pleaded with the driver to switch off the engine so that we don’t make any sound.

That did not save us. The Bull kept at it and by the time the driver decided to reverse, it was charging at us.

One of our colleagues who was sitting in front jumped to the back seats as we all laughed but frighten on what our next fate was.

Everyone in the car had their own reasoning on what we should do next.

Some wanted us to stay and see if the Bull was going to attack us head on while others wanted us to run for our lives.

Good enough we had an experienced Safari driver guide.

The driver just reversed got a good spot and switched off the engine.

The bull suddenly stopped and decided to follow the path that the herd had taken.

At this point l was thinking of reasons why it would do that and the best reason would be because it was protecting the herd.

The good news is that the bull and us did not get harmed. We were all okay and safe at the end of the day.

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