What to Consider When Preparing For a Trip in Uganda

When I am planning a road trip, it is always a pleasure for me. But when it comes to packing, my bedroom and closet turns into a small warzone and l end up calling my younger sister for help.

Traveling can be an overwhelming experience without proper planning. So, my advice to any traveler is to always have a to-do list.

Being an avid traveler and having been through terrible packing and travel experiences, below I walk you through some of the things you should always consider as you set for your journey.

Suit case

Every one desires to pack light; some travelers are prosperous while others are not.

Packing light takes time. It does not come easily but we can always get better at it.

The best suitcase you should use when arranging for safari in Uganda is a duffel bag type. It eases packing.

Backpacks can also be helpful especially with trips that involve a lot of walking over longer distances from time to time.


For instance, in destinations like Bwindi, you may need to trek Gorillas for 2 to 3 hours.


No one wants there trip to be ruled by falling sick so you should receive vaccinations against yellow fever, rabies, typhoid among other diseases.

Don’t forget to a carry a mosquito repellants since the little fiends will be patiently waiting for you.


Uganda is a friendly and warm place with very amicable people. However, it does not mean that there are no bad people.

Remember to keep your valuables locked up safely and out of site.  Many tourists have fallen victims.

Book lodges that are secure and set security goals for every one of you to follow for example, no one should move alone.


Now, this is my favorite part of it all.

First l assemble all the gadgets l want to pack like my camera, phone , ear phones, selfie stick , binoculars for bird watchers, power bank and last but not least an MP3 player.

Pack everything in a small distinct bag then place them in a backpack because it’s easier to carry everywhere.

A binocular and a camera will keep your journey interesting
A binocular and a camera will keep your journey interesting


I suggest you pack for comfort rather than fashion.

The best clothes you should pack are jeans and trousers. They are usually the best because they take long to get dirty and hide dirt since you may take long with doing laundry.

As for shirts and blouses, light ones may be easy to pack and come in handy for many things such as going for game drives.

Some people may choose long sleeved shirts to protect them from insects and then sweaters and jackets especially if you’re going to Rwenzori Mountain, Mt Elgon or Bwindi for Gorilla trekking.

Don’t forget to pack socks and underwear’s.


A good pair of leather shoes, sandals and a light pair of hiking boots if you’re going hiking and Gorilla trekking will do.

Toilet bag

Anti-bacterial soap, tooth brush, shampoo, cutlers and insect repellant should never be left behind.

First Aid kit

Band-Aids, anti-sceptics, Imodium and Aspirin should keep you safe all the way through.

Other items you should carry along include; a small flash light, inflatable jersey neck pillow for those who get neck exhaustion very first, anti-bacterial wipes, ear plugs for frog, insects noises at night, safety blanket and a money belt that should help you keep your travel documents and money at all time.

A neck pillow like this prevents quick exhaustion
A neck pillow like this prevents quick exhaustion

It should be covered at all times or out of reach.

Bon Voyage.







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