What To Consider Before Buying Land For Construction

Everyone’s desire is to buy land they can call their own. However not every plot of land is worth buying, you need to put somethings into consideration which if not considered would affect you greatly.

Here are some of the things that you should take serious before buying land for a residential house.


Peter Kyeyune a broker notes that you need to buy land that is strategically located, one that is near social services like water, electricity, schools, hospitals and roads. Your land should have a road that connects to your house.

“Some people buy plots where they have to go through people’s compounds to access their houses which is discomforting. And if it’s to sell that land, it always takes a lot of time people offer little money for such land,” he notes.


The security in that area should be good, make sure there are no serious crime records, the land should be near a police station or has local security personals (LDU’s), is it in a safe location (for some land, you have to go through a variety of dark corners before reaching the house) this could be dangerous for people who stay out late in the night or leave home very early in the morning.

Kyeyune says that however good the land is if it doesn’t have good security, it’s not worth buying


Neighborhood and development

The type of activities that take place around that places should be considered, if it’s near a night club, then you will have a hard time in the night. You need to know the kind of people next to you, are they hostile or good people.

Paul Magezi a property consultant adds that you should you buy in an area that has hope for development. This could help you make money in the future or invest in businesses that sell.

Check the kind of environment, is it comfortable without dirt or garbage disposal? Is the area topography fine, would your car access the house or its hilly and you have to leave it parked somewhere, what happens when it rains, do the floods fill up the place. You need a fairly flat and easy access the land.

Land title

Sarah Nalujja realized that the land she paid for had been bought by two more people after a year, this was because she didn’t do a search at Ministry of Lands before paying for the land. Besides doing a search, makes sure the land has a land title something that will help you get real ownership.

“Never trust anyone because the person who sold me fake land was actually my cousin who knew it had issues,” she say adding that you should consult the local leaders around to know whether there are any disputes on that land.


You should gage the reasonable amount of money needed for that particular plot. Don’t rush to pay just because you have been enticed by brokers or the owner. Calm down, talk to evaluators and get advice on how much money fits that particular plot of land.


You don’t need to buy land that is easily accessible in terms of distance. This will help you reach your work place in time as well as getting back home early. Kyeyune advises that you get land that is comfortable, strategic and accessible. 

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