What Are the Most Challenging Casino Games?

Luck plays a big part in the outcome when you play any casino games, but it also helps if you fully understand the rules and have a solid strategy in place. Bearing that fact in mind, which of these games is regarded as being the most challenging for players?   

Roulette Strategies and Different Bets

On the face of it, roulette is one of the simplest games imaginable. If you take a look at the best live dealer casino games in New Jersey, you will see that they each offer version of this classic game where you need to predict in which number the ball will come to rest.

The variety of bets makes things a bit more complicated. The simplest bets involve putting your money on a single number, which is the most difficult to get right but gives the best returns when you win. Another popular choice is to make an even-money bet on something red, black, odd, or even.

You might also decide to place a bet covering four or five numbers at once. Don’t forget that you can place your chips on more than one bet on each spin. Another point to bear in mind is that you can use different strategies.

Most roulette strategies are based on bankroll management, so you increase or decrease your stakes in a fixed way depending upon whether you win or lose. Some of them also involve covering the table with a variety of bets.

Understand the Basic Blackjack Strategy 

The rules of blackjack are incredibly simple, as all you need to do is get nearer to 21 than the dealer without passing that magic number. However, the complication, in this case, is that you need to understand the basic strategy to get it right.


The return to player (RTP) figures listed for online blackjack take into account the use of a perfect strategy. That means understanding when to hit and when to stand, based upon your first card and what you can see in the dealer’s hand.

It is easy to find online blackjack charts that let you see what to do in each situation. Even the legendarily tricky hand of 16 is covered in these charts. You might not be able to memorize all of the combinations, so keeping the charts open in a different tab while playing is a good move.

Getting to Grips with Baccarat

Baccarat is a straightforward casino game that anyone can play. The only decision you need to make it whether to bet on the player, the banker, or a tie occurring. After that, the cards are drawn according to pre-set rules until a winner is declared.

This typically has one of the highest RTP figures in most casinos, meaning that you should win regularly. The secret to success is in understanding the exact rules for the version you plan to play, as this can make a big difference.

The significant difference you will find between versions of baccarat is in the rules for drawing the third card. This is where the chances could tip slightly in favor of either the banker of the player coming out ahead.  

Slots Are All About Luck

Slots are typically seen as being the easiest of all casino games to play. With online versions, you only need to hit the spin button and wait to see which symbols drop into place. There is little room for strategy, although you may decide to put some thought into your bankroll management.

Many people choose which slot to play based on the theme and presentation that are offered, with the majority of slots now based on interesting themes such as movies, world cultures, or retro style. Yet, it makes the most sense to make your choice based on other factors.

For instance, the RTP on slots games varies widely, meaning that you have more chance of winning on some than on others. There are also different volatility levels and features, which determine how often you are likely to win money and what size of win you can generally expect.      

Summary – Choose How Easy or Complicated You Make These Games 

As we have seen, all of these different types of games are easy to get started with if you just want some fun. On the other hand, if you’re going to play more seriously, then spending some time on your game selection and overall strategy can be well worth the extra effort. 

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