What Africell Is Doing To Support Customers During Covid-19


Uganda just like the rest of the world has been greatly affected by the  Covid-19 pandemic. Government has taken a number of measures to control the spread including instituting a lockdown which encourages Ugandans to stay home and work remotely.

To support Uganda’s national crisis response, Africell Uganda has taken immediate steps to optimize services and raise urgent Covid-19 awareness. For Africell users, a number of changes have been implemented to ease the process of staying home by improving the daily mobile experience.

Below are some changes Africell has done in its services to support Ugandans during the Covid-19 lockdown.

  1. Elimination fees on Peer to Peer Africell Money Transactions.

In order to curb the need for customers to handle physical cash, which could be a portent medium for transferring COVID-19, Africell has eliminated fees on all peer to peer transactions conducted through the Africell Money services regardless of the value of the transaction.

  1. Stay home bonuses.

Africell has launched attractive offers on data and voice which will see customers get sizeable bonuses on purchase. These bonuses have been dubbed Stay Home with the objective of encouraging customers to enjoy the internet from the safety of your houses and to communicate with friends, loved ones and colleagues.

Data Bundle       Pricing        Stay Home Bonus

Weekly      ​          ​


500 Mbs    3,500 500 Mbs

1Gb  5,000 1 Gb

1.8Gb         7,000 1.8 Gbs

Monthly     ​          ​

1Gb  10,000        1 Gb

2.5Gbs       15,000        2.5 Gbs

4Gbs 20,000        4 Gbs

  1. Stay safe campaign.

Awareness being a key weapon in fight against many epidemics Covid-19 not excluded Africell is promoting a constant flow of preventative measures that people can implement to remain safe.  Sensitization campaigns on radio stations nationwide, social media and Africell website, have been running for over 2 months since the pandemic struck Uganda. Furthermore the telecom is granting free access to various key education, health, news and business websites. until further notice. Africell customers can now access key websites related to health, media, information, e-learning & government such as or without using any data allowance.

  1. Emergency Connectedness.

Knowing that things may not be pretty most especially now as people have got to stay home and not have any income, Africell has launched an emergency pack for its customers which will ensure that they can be able to make calls and access the internet. The free nationwide emergency communication pack is comprised of free 30minutes and 20mbs valid for 3months.

  1. Better network capacity

At this critical time, customers are relying on Africell network to stay connected to loved ones and emergency services, Africell has added more capacity to it’s network to withstand extra demand as more people work from home and to maintain the speed and quality within Uganda which expects.

According to the telecom statement which was published a while back, Africell commits to working night and day to maintain fast and reliable services to help customers do all they need to do to keep safe and healthy. It is clear that the packages that Africell has given customers will surely cushion in the face of the current lockdown.

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