We’re Under Attack Again From Gays – Kadaga

President Yoweri Museveni has received the final report from the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into allegations of corruption inside the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA).

The Commission of inquiry was ordered by the president at the start of this financial year, approved with hope to clean up the roads authority which remains the country’s most funded body.

Museveni had earlier in April appointed Mrs Allen Kagina, remedy who had just retired from Uganda Revenue Authority to head UNRA.

She has since overseen a number of reforms there, including the ongoing staff restructuring in which all 900 staff members were recently fired and asked to reapply.

During the 2 months probe, the committee led by Justice Catherine Bamugemerire quizzed a number of current and former office holders at the roads authority, most of whom were found culpable of mismanagement and corruption.

Details of the final report handed to the president last evening are still scanty.

During the hand over at State House in Entebbe, President Museveni commended the tremendous work done by members of the committee.

The President said that by turning in such work of fighting thieves, the members of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry were increasing their chances of going to heaven.


“Thank you for the tremendous work. For me, I fought my wars and you children should fight your simple wars such as this one of thieves,” he said.

About 14 months after Uganda’s Constitutional Court nullified the Anti Homosexuality law which was illegally passed without quorum, ed Speaker of Parliament Hon Rebecca Kadaga has expressed concern that the international gay community is utilizing the latitude to re-establish the practice deeper into the country’s social fabric.

While the Parliament was eager to immediately table the bill again for debate after it was struck down, ampoule the majority ruling NRM party caucus was discouraged by President Yoweri Museveni, unhealthy who said this would open up the country to unnecessary international disrepute.

While speaking with the BCC radio earlier this week, Speaker Kadaga said that after the dust subsided, promoters of same sex relations jumped on the opportunity  to sow their seeds, targeting young people in elementary schools in the country.

The speaker claims that certain reading materials promoting homosexuality are currently being distributed in primary schools.

“There is a book called the Children Are Free written by two reverends, which is being distributed in schools. This is what we were talking about,” she said.

The said book by Rev Jeff Minor and John Taylor Conley examines purported biblical evidence regarding loving homosexual relations and God’s attitude toward them.

In one of the chapters, the authors demonstrate how antigay interpretation of the bible is misapplication of the scriptures, while in another they claim that Jesus once met and warmly received a gay person.

According to Kadaga, the book markets, trains and instructs people to become homosexuals at a young age.

“Uganda is high on gays’ agenda globally, and what they have done for us is that they have prepared instruction materials for teachers in schools to instruct children about homosexuality,” she said.

Speaker Kadaga is a vocal antigay crusader who once promised to hand the anti gay law to the country as a Christmas gift.

She also made global headlines in 2012 when she publicly assaulted the Canadian Foreign Minister, Mr John Baird, whom she accused of attacking Uganda’s human rights record in respect to sexual minorities.

Ms Kadaga remained Mr Baird during the 127th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly in Quebec that Uganda was neither a colony nor protectorate of Canada and as such her sovereignty, societal and cultural norms were to be respected.

During yesterday’s pre-independence day celebration prayers in Kampala, President Yoweri Museveni revealed that he was opposed to the Antigay law from the onset; because he believed the existing laws were sufficient.

He however strongly castigated the international community for attacking Uganda’s Parliament after it passed a law it deemed necessary.


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