We’ll Never Allow Rwanda to go to Waste, Says Kagame

Rwandan leaders must at all times think big and aim at hitting big targets if the country is to take a great leap forward, approved President Paul Kagame has said.

“Don’t just dream big, pill you have to think big and aim high. Our country may be small but our people think big, sick ” said Kagame.

The President spoke Sunday while presiding over the closing of Itorero Intagamburuzwa, bringing together more than 2000 student leaders from public and private universities in Rwanda.

In his address to the Itolero graduands, President Kagame reiterated the importance of the three choices that Rwandans have made: Unity, Accountability and Thinking big.

“Our ideas are not limited by our borders. You must be accountable to yourself, to others and be ready to play your role. I hope that you have learned lessons that build you up because when you are better, the country is better,” he added.

The president is known for his tough stance on accountability and pushing for ambitious projects.

On the role of Itolero in moulding Rwandans into drivers of the country’s transformation and their own destiny, President Kagame said that as much as education serves to shape identity, what one becomes would be a result of how hard they work.

“We will not achieve if you do not play your part, take ownership and work to see this country transformed. We will not allow this country to go to waste,” said Kagame.


“Let us build our strength and prove that we can achieve our goals. Each of you should know how far you are willing to go to stand up for yourself and for your country. We do not want to be a country of wasted abilities and skills. We cannot afford to waste anything in this country. The strength of thinking, of ability gathered in the youth in this room and across the country cannot go to waste”

President Kagame engaged the Itolero graduands during an interactive session where the students raised issues concerning various aspects of national importance.

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