Wedding Bells for Ashburg Kato, Socialite Sarajoy

Fresh from prison, self-styled blogger Ashburg Kato has revealed that he and girlfriend, socialite Sarajoy Bakanansa are planning on settling down and starting a family despite being in a long-distance relationship.

Ashburg recently spent time in jail after he was arrested for broadcasting pornographic material contrary to Section 13 (1) and (2) of the Anti-Pornographic Act, 2014.

Ashburg Kato

Ashburg told ChimpLyf that he has finally decided to act on the advice from his mentors and it’s high time he tied down his missing rib. “Prison did not change a thing on me but rather made me realize the need to settle down with my love Sara. She has made me know the meaning of having a better half and I can’t wait for her to return for us to legalize our marriage,” he said while shying away.


When asked about how he feels about his lover’s social media life, the slim staunch Bobi Wine supporter said it’s through social media that their love was known by the world and therefore doesn’t mind it. “Whatever she does on social media is just for fun, the kisses, parties she goes to are meant to make her happy. We are social media people and we don’t mind flaunting anything on it as long as we know what we are,” he added.

He added that the two were ready to have and raise kids of their own as long as God Wishes.

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