Weasel Did Not Fire Me,I just Decided To Quit-Chagga Roars

Chagga,who has been Goodlyfe’s manager for a long time, has responded to claims that he was fired by singer Weasel saying he just quit.

Goodlyfe’s singer Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel reportedly fired his Manager Chagga, now for the for the second time.

Chagga revealed that Weasel did not fire him but he just decided to quit though other Goodlyfe members are pleading with him to return back.

The Manager also added that Weasel is fighting a mental problem which needs urgent care or else he will soon run mad.

Chagga parted ways with Weasel early March last year on grounds that he was forcing Weasel to work only few weeks after his Colleague Mowzey Radio’s death , where the singer said he needed more time to heal from his Friend’s death.

Weasel made a public announcement on his social Media saying he had made a final decision about the changes in the management of Goodlyf.

“Changes have been made in the management of Good lyfe.”


Chagga however,  claims that ‘Mpa Love’ a collaboration between Weasel and King Saha was the last song he ever released as a manager to Weasel and ever since has been out of Good Lyfe  due to Weasel’s laziness and craziness, who always defies his work plans.

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