We Won’t Have Another Museveni in a Century But We Must Help Him Leave Office – MP Ruhunda

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has been asked to constitute a committee of parliamentarians to go meet with President Yoweri Museveni and encourage him to leave office.

The call was made Fort Portal Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Alex Ruhunda, who among scores of other MPs today took to the floor to debate the Age Limit Presidential Amendment currently in its second reading.

Ruhunda, an ardent NRM supporter told the house that he loved President Yoweri, but said his people in Fort Portal were clear in regard to the age limit amendment.

“I feel it will take us another 100 years to get another leader like him. But for me, I have nothing to do. The people I represent told me I must not touch Article 102 (B)” he said.

While President Museveni has transformed the country and pacified it, Hon Ruhunda said, he needed to be encouraged to let another person take the mantle from him, or he risked ruining his great legacy.

“We all know that the greatest nations in the world including the United States, there were strong individual behind them. Those individuals played their part. In Uganda we have had chance to have one such great leader, who emerged and managed to unite this country,” said Ruhunda, warning however, that his elongated stay would reverse some of his achievement.

The MP asked the speaker to put together a team that will meet and assist the President make a decision to step aside.

“Can we as parliament constitute a team to negotiate with the President about the transition of power?”


“The president is so scared about what he sees happening here. Even I if I was in his shoes, I couldn’t let this happen. We therefore need Hon Speaker through your leadership, to constitute a team to negotiate with the President about the future of Uganda.”

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