We Won’t Ask Trump’s Support – Besigye

FDC’s Col Dr Kizza Besigye has downplayed the prospects of seeking help from United States President Donald Trump, to fight against the “Ugandan dictatorship.”

Besigye acknowledged Friday, that he has been approached by some people with such proposals as asking for support from the world super power’s new leader.

“Some people have been saying; there is now Donald Trump, why don’t we go to him?” Besigye told press at his offices on Katonga Road.

The former Presidential candidate said seeking that kind of support often comes with strings attached, which at times is costly.

“When they (foreign forces) come, quite often they come with interests that are different from ours; we should therefore not aspire to be helped by others,” he said.

Besigye however, revealed that he and the opposition have had no problem working with other governments bilaterally, “especially those who have historically had intimate relations with us.”

“We draw their attention to what is going on and we would be very happy if they gave us support to move our domestic processes forward.”

The support that the opposition expect from such countries, Besigye said, includes them cutting aid that they “give to the junta whether in the military or in other fields.”

“We would encourage external forces to have direct support to our people because they need that support, but not to the junta.”

Besigye also revealed that the opposition in Uganda has no problem working with bigger foreign international bodies and countries especially in trying to weakening the Ugandan regime.

The opposition strongman said that his party has on a number of occasions contacted such bodies to support their efforts to achieve political stability in Uganda.

He added however, that regional bodies such as the EAC, COMESA and IGAD are not effective “because some of them are interlinked with each other’s problems.”

As such he said he has been engaging with larger bodies such as the African Union and the United Nations and

Besigye’s remarks come a few days after President Yoweri Museveni met with President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

During his inaugural address to the international heads of state at the opening of the summit, president Trump urged the leaders to endeavor to restore democracy and political freedoms in countries where have been diminishing.

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