“We Will Crash You:” Museveni Warns Fellow Candidates Preparing for Chaos

President Yoweri Museveni has said his government is prepared to take on political players including fellow presidential candidates who plan to cause chaos during the election season which is now in motion.

The President said he had heard that some candidates were organizing to disrupt the election process, which he said would to be tolerated.,

The President sounded the warning on Monday shortly after he was nominated by the Electoral Commission to contest for the 6th time  for the highest office in the country.

“I am calling on every Ugandan to maintain peace,” Museveni told press at the nomination grounds in Kyambogo.

“I am a candidate, but as you know I am also president, and as president I hear a lot of things. I have been hearing that some people want to go and do stupid things. But I want to assure them that no one will disrupt this process. Anyone who tries will regret because we don’t play. We fought to bring peace in this nation,” Museveni warned.

“No one is better than us at fighting. We hear that those stupid people are working with foreigners. No foreigner will cause chaos here. You will bring death to yourself for no reason.”

The President also appealed to his NRM supporters not to be intimidated by the opposition, and to report them to authorities if they engage in crime.

On the other hand, Museveni cautioned Ugandans not to relax in guarding against the Covid19 scourge.


The president noted that so far the virus has claimed the lives of 110 Ugandans, some of whom he knew personally, including his own veterinarian.

“I have also heard that we are now approaching 20,000 infections and although most have recovered, experts say that even after you recover you remain with scars in the lungs. Our people don’t seem to understand this.”

Museveni later this evening is excepted to launch the NRM manifesto at Speak Resort in Munyonyo, where he will unveil details of what his party has planned for the country in the next five years.

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