We Were Not Paid For 3 Years-B2C On Firing Manager

Singing trio B2C have opened up on sacking their manager of three years Mugerwa Andrew alias Andy Events saying that they had not been paid for all the three years they worked under him.

This comes in shortly after reports that they were given only Shs 30M to share amongst themselves after nine successful shows.

The three; Mr. Lee, Bobby Lash and Delivad Julio, who had appeared for an interview on a local television station, said that they were okay with non-pay and were not willing to speak about it until now.

“People need to know that were not given a penny after the concert and we didn’t complain because we’re not paid for all the three years we spent with Andy. If he claims that things were bad with him it means we also felt the bad times and we are not complaining. All the things we have in our names were from our side hustles,” they said.

The ‘Gutamiza’ singer added that they were not ready to share such intimate information from their ‘family’ until when they were forced to.


“We were ok but we realized that there was something that was not moving on. There was something that we were planning to do but we didn’t do after two months. We were like kids to him (Andy); we even called him papa but I think we were old and wanted to pave ways for ourselves. He should let B2C stand-alone unless we fail. We shall always go back home,” said Mr. Lee.

“We wanted to keep it simple until when people begun digging deep. He is part of our legacy and he can still earn from it although he has to follow some procedures like buying shares, we shall perform anywhere that we were booked by Andy,” added Bobby Lash.

The trio went on to say that they have nothing to show from their three years of being successful musicians apart from the brand.


“Andy had gained equally like us, if we got fame then he got something else,” added Mr. Lee who was more open from the beginning.

They however thanked the manager for picking them from the dust and polishing them into better images.

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