WE TOLD YOU! Tycoon Don Nasser Arrested Over Fraud  

Last month, this very site reported how new self-styled city tycoon Don Nasser Isaac real name Isaac Nduhukire was a wanted man over defrauding a number of individuals in gold related deals both in Kampala and Dubai.

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We reported how Nasser conned a Dubai based loaded businessman of $5M and fled to Kampala where he has been hiding from the authorities for over three months.

Like the old adage goes, every thief has 40 days and Nasser’s have finally run out.

Last evening, Tuesday November 20, 2018, the youthful dude who portrayed himself as a tycoon was arrested by Police over the numerous fraud cases.

Nasser was smoked out of a ceiling in a house belonging to one of his pals after police officers were tipped off about his whereabouts by an informant.

Don Nasser trying to cover his face after being pulled out of the ceiling

Upon arrest, Nasser is reported to have been found in custody of fake dollars and fake gold.

Police officers had to use a ladder to pull Don Nasser, Clad in blue jeans, black T-Shirt and blue denim jacket with a hoodie, out of the ceiling.

He was seen trying to cover his face as the officers led him out of the building to the police station.


Nasser is accused of duping foreigners in gold deals worth over Shs30bn.

A few weeks back, a man identified as Johnny Hill came out claiming Nasser had conned him of over $5M in a fake gold deal.

Last week, reports emerged that Johnny had jetted into the country with Interpol officials to hunt for Nasser in a bid to recover his money in the supposed 75kg gold deal.

Since his emergency on the social scene about five months back, Nasser has been splashing cash though the source of his money has always been the main question.

Don Nasser with girlfriend Mastullah Nassali Mutaasa recently

Nasser has been staying at Speke Apartments in one of the most expensive suites with girlfriend, Mastulah Nassali Mutaasa, daughter to renowned city tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero.

Nasser has been splashing cash on the socialite mother of one availing her whatever she desires.

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