‘We Shouldn’t Wait to Praise His Corpse;’ Eddy Kenzo’s Manager Calls for His Repatriation  

Martin Muhumuza, the manager of Big Talent Music, a local label belonging to multiple award winner, Eddy Kenzo has expressed displeasure at government for surrendering his client to fate.

“It will be of great shame if anything happens to such an asset to this great nation (God forbid) just because we all chose to ignore his importance,” Muhumuza said.

At the time Uganda went into the Covid19 lockdown, Kenzo had gone to perform in Abidjan at the MASA festival which took place on March 14th 2020.

Since then he has been holed up in Ivory Coast surviving on the mercy of well-wishers.

Communicating via Facebook on Wednesday, Muhumuza wondered why authorities have kept mum on the possibility of repatriating the singer.

At the moment, he said they were worried over his continued stay in Cote D’Ivoire given the high number of Covid19 cases there (over 1200)

“Let us not wait to praise or appreciate his corpse; such icons need care and love when they still live,” Muhumuza pleaded.

Stranded and broke, Muhumuza says Kenzo real names Edrisa Musuuza is finding it hard to meet hotel bills as well as cater for the needs of his employees.


He said those most affected are employees of Big Talent Soccer Academy, Eddy Kenzo Foundation and his family in Kampala.

“Ivory Coast is a very expensive country and their only official language is French. He has to pay hotel charges on a daily basis and feed every day.”

Ignoring the singer, Muhumuza says, is not befitting for someone who has brought glory to Uganda and marketed his motherland worldwide, and that the Foreign Affairs Ministry ought to intervene.

“It is partly through this office that foreign leaders can talk and see how icons are returned to their nations,” he concluded.

Kenzo himself has in the past pleaded to be helped back home, saying he was willing to undergo quarantine for as long as Ministry of Health (MOH) wishes.


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