We Should Have Restrained Our Supporters – Kadaga Weighs in on Chaotic NRM Parliamentary Primaries

The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has today weighed in on the recently concluded National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primary elections that led to the tumultuous deaths of 3 people according to Police reports.

Addressing European Delegates on Friday, Kadaga intimated that much as chaos can be tagged to the provocative nature of politics, leaders, on their part, should have restrained their supporters from partaking in violence.

“Even if it is a party activity but in a way, each of us is responsible for the supporters. So it’s a responsibility to tell my supporters, please, we are going for elections but don’t beat anybody, don’t fight, don’t do this,” she intimated.

“And I did that during the just concluded elections. So I think what is missing is the more control from the party about the conduct. Because now, for instance, I have 700 villages so I am responsible for what is happening there. Are my agents there, are the elections going on?” Kadaga illustrated.

However, on the other hand, she pointed out that perhaps the resultant chaos can be tagged on the mere fact that it was the first time NRM elections were being held by lining up.

“So I think that we need to have another level of intervention maybe by the party to ensure that we have sufficient constables at the station and so on. This is something we have just started- voting by queuing up in the villages but it’s something we need to handle and ensure that in the future it does not happen,” Kadaga observed.

That said, she took cognizance of some unnamed NRM elements that broke the Covid-19 Presidential guidelines under the guise of campaigning, something she said was very unfortunate.

“I am aware that there are people who broke the Covid-19 guidelines and actually held rallies. Sometimes they were caught in conflict with the law,” she disclosed.


“I restrained myself from going to a rally. I only went to radio 2 or 3 times because if I did try to organize a rally I would probably have 2000 people within a few minutes. And I would not be able to control them or their movements. I concentrated on the radio,” Kadaga said.


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