We Shall Recognize President Museveni If He Wins Genuinely – Amuriat

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has said it will only concede defeat if the January 14, 2020 Presidential polls are free and fair.

Addressing residents of Rushere Town Council on Wednesday, FDC’s Presidential Flag bearer Patrick Oboi Amuriat disclosed that they are ready to give democracy a chance as long as other players including President Museveni abide by its tenets.

“Let us play a fair game and if Mr. Museveni wins fair enough that will be accepted. If POA wins, the result should also be accepted so that POA governs this country,” Amuriat said.

“I understand here, some people sit at the polling station and vote on behalf of everybody. That is not a free election; that is not the democracy we desire,” he pointed out.

As such, Amuriat implored the people of President Museveni’s home town not to be cowed by threats and be vigilant.

“I want to ask you my people of Rushere, this election is allowed. You should ensure that you go and tick the ballot paper yourself, don’t allow anybody to tick the ballot paper on your behalf,” he urged.

At a campaign stopover in Kazo, Amuriat rallied locals to vote him saying he was their close relative by virtue of having cousins from the area and understands the ‘language of cows’.

“Here in Kazo, I have relatives. My uncle married from Kazo and his children are my cousins so I am related to kazo by blood,” he said.


Campaign Pledges

At various campaign stopovers in Rushere, Kazo, Kanoni and Nkungu; Amuriat pledged to construct diary factories within the area to aid value addition and pump water from Lake Mburo to prevent herdsmen from moving long distances.

On his part, FDCs Western Region Chairperson Roland Kaginda Mugume also highlighted the need for better veterinary services.

“You cannot pay an MP 30 million shillings per month and expect a Government veterinary doctor to work for a monthly salary of 200,000 shillings,” Kaginda divulged.

On a light note, not even a single canister was fired at Amuriat in Kazo and Kiruhuura district which prompted him to thank Police at Rushere Town.

Thereafter, he proceeded to Ibanda Town but the turn up was greatly disappointing.

At the last polls in 2016, President Museveni polled 121, 286 (91.35%) votes in Kiruhura against Dr. Kizza Besigye’s 10,786 (8.12%) according to Electoral Commission (EC) District summary report.


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