We shall Crush You – Akena Warns UPC Detractors

Jimmy James Akena, the president of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has sent a strong warning to a section of the UPC rival faction whom he said he won’t spare if they attempt to forcefully assume his office.

Akena noted that a section of people whom he called ‘Detractors’ are trying to interrupt the party activities, by claiming to be the official leaders.

The said group led by a one Peter Walubiri organized the elections recently to counter Akena’s leadership

“They think that they can take advantage of me campaigning in Lira East and think that I am not active in the party activities, but I want to seriously tell them that they are just deceiving themselves,” he said

Akena made these remarks while addressing the press on Wednesday.

“I want to reiterate my message and warning to that clique of individuals that I will never allow the will of UPC members to be undermined by whoever you think you are. So long as I am still breathing, I will make sure within my capacity as president to protect that will. You detractors, enough is enough and stand warned,” he added.

The Walubiri group days ago attempted to organize a Delegates Conference, which was bashed by the party leadership.

This followed an early September Court ruling which nullified the leadership of Akena,


Akena said he is not moved with what he called a ‘Bogus’ poll.

“To qualify as a party one should at least win 135 districts of Uganda but you find someone organizing polls with only four people claiming that they organized polls and replaced me,” he said

It should be remembered that Walubiri who claims to be the rightful leader of UPC organized polls, where he emerged the winner.

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