We May Pull Out of IPOD If Police Brutality Does Not Stop – FDC

Uganda’s largest opposition party Forum for Democratic Party (FDC) has warned that if state suppression persists, it could pull out of the Inter-party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD).

Patrick Amuriat Oboi the party president sounded the warning while addressing journalists at the party headquarters at Najjanankumbi today.

Amuriat accused Uganda Police of acting out of the law by brutalizing party supporters and disrupting party activities in Jinja, Soroti, Kaliro, Ishaka, Rubanda, Mubende, Tororo and Mbarara.

Amuriat warned that if this maltreatment does not subside, the party is considering boycotting all donor funded political assemblages; IPOD inclusive.

“We are considering non-cooperation in some of the donor funded activities that relate to the growth of political parties in this country. There is an upcoming IPOD summit on the 15th of May. But if we continue to be treated the way we have been treated, then it’s most probable we will be boycotting that summit. This is notice that we put to the IPOD and to the rogue regime of the NRM”, Amuriat warns.

He added that the party was also planning to petition the international community and holding country wide protests against violation of their political freedoms.

Asked whether the party was considering dragging errant policemen before courts of judicature, Amuriat merely warned officers to act with restraint.

He added that while they had deliberated on challenging provisions of the controversial Public Order Management Act (POMA) in court, they had left the matter to the public.


Amuriat, says this is so because they do not expect courts to rule independently amidst of state captivity.

“Going to court, is something we thought about but we are not considering at all. So going to court is just going to be a waste of time, we do not have time to waste going to cadre judges or magistrates. We are not going to Museveni courts; instead we will be going to the courts of public opinion”, he opines.

On resurgent criticism that FDC is moving around the country to incite masses and not to mobilize as presumed, Amuriat told propagators to mind their business.

“We know when we should be writing our manifesto and policies and so those comments of the NRM are not welcome at all. Let them run the NRM that they have mismanaged and turned into a one man show”, he urges.

However, these violations notwithstanding, Amuriat said that as FDC they are not going to bow to Police’s whims and as such will carry on with their party activities in accordance with the law, come what may.

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