We Made a Mistake: Museveni Speaks Out on City Murders

President Yoweri Museveni yesterday acknowledged what he called his government’s mistake of neglecting people’s security especially in urban areas.

The president said government seemed to invest more resources over the years in fighting what he called “rural terrorism” and paid less attention to the security of urban people.

He said during a radio talk show in Mbarara last night, that while Uganda is entirely at peace in all corners, there continues to be an upsetting trend of murders of innocent people especially in urban areas.

Museveni’s comments follow a string of murders of young women in the areas of Nansana and his back yard in Entebbe. Over twenty women are said to have been murdered in cold blood in these areas in about two months.

Museveni on the talk show owned up that he had not yet involved himself in finding the criminals behind the murders, noting that police is still in charge of the problem.

“We made a slight mistake,” the President said. “It wasn’t really our making but we were preoccupied for many years with fighting (Joseph) Kony and armed Karamajong. We invested all our energy on this rural terrorism, and didn’t pay much attention to the urban areas.”

The president reassures however, that government is currently investing in securing the urban communities

“We will pay attention to our cities to ensure that there are CCTV cameras to monitor the criminal and other equipment to help trace them,” he said. “We also have enough electricity; we just to have spread it further with new wiring.”

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