We Have Not Increased Our Salaries – Parliamentary Commissioner Ogwang

The chairperson of the parliamentary commission’s subcommittee on finance, Hon. Peter Ogwang has clarified that MPs have not increased their salaries as alleged by sections of the media.

Ogwang who also doubles as Usuk county MP told reporters today that no salary or allowance enhancement has been undertaken and as such the commission’s budget remains as it was.

“We do not know where you are getting the information from. There has been a lot of speculation in the country and for us the parliamentary commission, we had wanted the speaker who is the chair of the commission to respond to this. But to my knowledge we have not made any increment to the commission budget”, he explained.

Ogwang added that MPs like other Ugandans are cognizant of the economic challenges Uganda is facing, and that the reports could have been a ploy by some people to blackmail the entire institution.

He says all these rumors will be put to rest once the budget is passed.

However, he said, like other government entities the parliamentary Commission for a long time running has been underfunded. This he says has constrained its performance.

“It is true the constitution gives us mandate to appropriate but the indicative figures come from ministry of finance. For us we look at the resource envelope that they have and work with in that, but the challenges”, Ogwang explains.

He says previously, they were given less than 100 billion which was supposed to cater for oversight duties.


“How do you expect parliament to operate if they donot move out”? He wonders.

Late last month, it was reported that Members of Parliament had increased their allowances by 39 per cent and that of parliamentary staff by 15 per cent, citing rising costs of living.

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