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We Have No Problem with Prosecution of DPC Baguma says Katushabe’s Family

The family of businesswoman Donnah Katushabe who was murdered last year  have cleared the air on the letter they wrote to the office of Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to exoneration of former CPS DPC Aaron Baguma in the case.

In a letter dated 17, approved August 2016, story the family wrote to the DPP seeking that Baguma is dropped from those accused in the matter stressing that he had helped them in getting witnesses and arresting key suspects in the matter.

However, doctor  on Wednesday morning, the family led by Alex Masereka, Morris Kure (brothers) and Jacqueline Byakatonda (sister) told journalists that the letter was only an opinion to the DPP stressing that he (DPP) can go on to consider or disregard it in his pursue for justice  .

“It was only an opinion and the DPP is free to slap the murder charges against him (Baguma). It is the DPP to decided and we cannot tell him what to do. The law should take its course in this matter now that he has been arrested,” Masereka told journalists on Wednesday in Kampala.

According to the deceased businesswoman’s family members, their only worry was the diversionary approach the case had taken that saw Baguma come into limelight more than Pine Car Bond proprietor Muhammad Ssebuwufu whom they say is the key suspect in the matter other than the policeman.

Katushabe’s family members explained that they realized many forces were at play with intent of covering the key role played by Ssebuwufu and making Baguma the main talking point in the case yet his was insignificant.

“This is a criminal matter handled by the state but our case was that if the DPP could find it within his powers to drop the charges against Baguma because of the circumstances surrounding the matter. If he doesn’t then we have no problem with it.”

Masereka  added; “Despite being lay people in as far a legal issues are concerned, we were left wondering  whether  without Baguma the case would never kick- off.”


Asked whether it was by coincidence that after writing their opinion letter to the DPP, Baguma handed himself in court for charge, Katushabe’s family members said they had written the letter 2 weeks ago and had no knowledge of the whereabouts of ASP Baguma.

Put to task to explain whether they had not been given money so they could request for the exoneration of the former CPS DPC, the family said no amount of money could buy their resolve to see justice take its course in the matter concerning their relative.

“There is no way the state or Baguma can buy me and in any case I am working with the state to see the success of this case. We knew there would be speculation of whether we had been paid  but we had to take a decision on what is the correct line.”

“We can’t tell the DPP what to do but it  was only an opinion that he can go on with it. The DPP knows better how to go about with the case and can decide the charges against Baguma will stand and we will go by that,” Maserka told journalists.


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