We Fear Going for Penitence Because of Priest Spies – MPs  

Legislators who profess to the Catholic and Anglican religions have come out to protest the alleged recruitment of priests and reverends into the country’s different intelligence and security organs.

The legislators led by Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze, Emmanuel Ssempala Kigozi, Joseph Ssewungu and Moses Kasibante decried this alleged move, which they said is aimed at belittling the church as well as disorganizing power centers in the country.

Their protests come after the revelation by the Archbishop of Kampala, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga last week on Good Friday, that he had received threatening calls for planning to overthrow the government.

Lwanga appealed to President Museveni to stop acting on false information, which, he said, was being fed to the president by security agencies.

Bishop Lwanga said he had reliable information that the state had planted spies in the church who have been spreading lies to President Museveni about church leaders wanting to overthrow the government.

Addressing the media at Parliament, the legislators said that it was unfortunate that the regime has penetrated the catholic institution to disintegrate it as they did with Islam.

Nambooze said the foundation of the church is the trust between the believers and the priests which all begins with the sacrament of Penance that would require one to have confidence in the priest.

“We now fear to go for penitence because you don’t know the priest; you can’t tell whether you are talking to the representative of Jesus or of Mr. Museveni and if you don’t go for penitence, you cannot go for the sacrament of Eucharist and without it you are faulting greatly on the religious teachings,” she said.


“We call upon government to withdraw their propagandists that they have sent to belittle the church to defame and abuse our religious leaders. If this doesn’t end we shall mobilize ourselves to defend our faith,” Nambooze said.

The legislators recommended for an independent commission of inquiry headed by some of the retired judges in the country to investigate Archbishop’s allegations.



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