“We Don’t Need A Declaration Without Commitment,” Alaso Speaks Out On Fronting Joint Opposition Candidate

Following calls by some Opposition political actors to field a joint presidential candidate in the oncoming 2021 general elections, Alice Alaso, the overall coordinator of the Alliance for National Transformation has responded.

Speaking to ChimpReports in an exclusive interview, Alaso who previously served as the Forum for Democratic Change Eastern Region vice president opined that whereas it is necessary to unite, clear mechanisms must be put in place to ensure that this bears fruit.

As such, she pointed out that all interested opposition candidates must have their credentials vetted before a decision can be taken. However she pointed out that for opposition to decisively end President Yoweri Museveni’s 33 year old rule, key players need to fully commit themselves to this cause and desist from sloganeering.

“You hear one political party saying that we are going to cooperate like this without consulting which is not healthy. You need my ideas and their ideas; these are the ideas that inform a mechanism for cooperation. We don’t need a declaration without commitment saying we will all field one candidate. How you arrive at that candidate is critical”, Alaso explains.

Asked whether Gen. Mugisha Muntu is likely to run for presidency, she responded that he is free like any other candidates.

“We will have that done, the delegates will come, those of us who will have offered our self and party flag bearer will be subjected to a process and we will vote.

When we are done with that process if there are negotiations we will also go with our candidate and say this is the one we want to bring. So let us discuss and see; who is the best possible coalition candidate,” Alaso adds.

Asked on what she thinks of the proposed parliamentary system, she reiterated that this is purposely being done to deter the public from holding the president accountable. she advised Muhanga to drop this proposal that she said will greatly disenfranchise Ugandans as far as exercising their political rights is concerned.


“I think Muhanga is denying Ugandans the opportunity to ask president Museveni who is their candidate now to account for the unfulfilled pledges and promises. They made so many of them the last action and they want him to go into the next election without asking him why sanitary pads have not been distributed to Ugandan girls and why our roads have not been worked on. I would advise Muhanga to drop that thing; it is a proposal up against the power of the people”, she implores.

On what delayed the much awaited establishment of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) she responded that as a party they underestimated the process and requirements, only to realize later.

“When we made that submission in December, we then thought the EC would just get into their servers and pick out their data but again the EC told us it was going to be a manual verification. So they had to go all round the country, checking on these individuals asking them did you append your signature, do you subscribe to this party and so forth,” Alaso explains.

Collectively she says that looking for signatures and having them verified by the electoral body took them more than three months to their surprise.

Alaso pointed out that the party is keen on building structures and identifying viable partnerships in the run up to the 2021 polls.




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