We Didn’t Arrest Mao – Police

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Emilian Kayima has said Democratic Party (DP) president, Norbert Mao was not arrested.

Mao, in company party leaders and youth was Thursday morning rounded up by police officers while they marched to the Constitutional Square to launch a campaign against lifting of the Presidential age limit.

After several minutes of resistance, Mao was arrested and put in a police patrol truck before taking him to CPS.

At CPS, Mao was taken straight to DPC Siraje Bakaleke’s and there were hours of deliberations.

Kayima later told press that over 10 DP members were arrested, but Mao wasn’t.

“The young men who were arrested are recording statements and we will look at their actions and take a position whether to charge them or caution them,” he said.

Asked whether Mao was also recording a statement, Kayima responded, “No the party president was not arrested, he was accompanied to police so that we can have an engagement with him to make sure that there is sanity. He is not recording a statement because he was not arrested.”

Kayima added that those arrested could be charged with holding unlawful assembly having acted in contravention of the Public Order Management Act.

“The law is clear; they ought to notify the police on time so that we work together and give them protection; we have no evidence that they wrote to us over their planned procession,” Kayima said.

The police mouthpiece says in their engagement with the party leaders including Mao, they agreed on how best the party can go on with their activities without causing chaos and breaching the law.

However, Chimpreports heard independently that Mao refused to leave Bakaleke’s office until all the other arrested members are released.

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