We are Tired of Hypocrites – Jeema

Justice Forum (JEEMA) on Friday hit back irritably at fellow opposition party FDC, sternly dismissing the honesty of their claimed interest in negotiations regarding the looming Bugiri Municipality parliamentary elections.

The two parties failed to agree on a joint candidate and each decided to send in a candidate; Eunice Namatende for FDC and Asuman Basalirwa for Jeema.

FDC through its former Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye, yesterday told press the despite failure by appointed mediators to unite the two sides, efforts are still underway to reach a middle ground.

But while addressing press at their Headquarters today, Sentongo Kyamundu the JEEMA spokesperson accused FDC of hypocrisy.

Kyamundu said FDC are claiming moral high ground in Kampala and pretending to vouch for negotiations, while on the ground in Bugiri, they are busy de-campaigning the Jeema candidate, Basarirwa.

During yesterday’s press conference, Besigye together with the mediators Betty Nambooze and Hussein Kyanjo, said despite failure to agree on a single candidate, it was agreed that neither camp was to talk negatively about the other during the campaign.

Kyamundu said Jeema was saddened that all this while they have been supporting other opposition parties, but when it was time to return the favour in Bugiri, the FDC opted for what he called “gymnastics.”

“The Bugiri election is no longer a Municipality contest in Eastern Uganda. It is a national contest between those that wish to continue posing as the traditional, unchallengeable so called opposition leaders and the new generation of young energetic and focused opposition that is tired of being used over and over again, only to be thrown at the dogs when convenient,” he said.


“You are either with us or against us. We cannot continue to pretend that we are in a political contest. We shall not play saints as others continue to blackmail us.”


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