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Opposition Democratic Party President, treat buy more about Norbert Mao has called upon the State to appeal the Buganda Road Court ruling that saw the Chief Magistrate, Lilian Buchana free two Pakistan Nationals who were accused of domestic violence and sodomizing their maid, Zainabu Mbabazi.

“The exoneration of these Pakistan Nationals against whom there was clear and enough evidence to have them convicted was miscarriage of justice and I hope the state will appeal the ruling,” Mao told the press at the party headquarters in Kampala.

Mao noted that it is so bad that the courts of law that are supposed to offer justice and fight for the week are instead turning not to be helpful.

He added that this may prompt people to take the law into their own hands once they fail to achieve justice.

“Once there is no rule of law, this calls for mob-rule,” Mao further told the press.

Ahmeed Shahbz and Muhammad Wagaf were early this year charged with gang rape of Mbabazi who served as their maid but in April the Director of Public Prosecution dropped the charges replacing them with domestic violence and having canal knowledge against order of nature before being granted bail.

In her judgment, Buchana on Monday December, 22nd said that evidence produced failed to prove that there was any act of sodomy against the maid, stressing that reports by doctors indicated that the anus and rectus muscles functioned normally contrally to what Mbabazi had earlier told court.

According to the Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate, in her evidence, the 23-year old maid said she had been to different clinics in Ntinda and Mulago Referral hospital where she had been admitted for more than a month but the clinics’ reports were not tendered in to court.
President Museveni has strongly cautioned the people of the Rwenzururu area in Western Uganda against promoting tribalism, page ethnicity, religion or any other form of sectarianism noting that these negative vices have no place in the modern world.


He warned the population that any leader or person, who promotes sectarianism, was an enemy of his own people.

The President made the remarks on Thursday evening while addressing a public rally at the Booma grounds in Kasese town.

The warning comes against the backdrop of deadly ethnic clashes in Rwenzori area last year in which over 90 people were killed.

Inspired by traditional healers’ myths that human bodies doused in wheat provide solid armour against bullets from machine guns, Rwenzururu fighters attempted to storm a military installation with the view of looting guns.

They fell in a hailstorm of bullets. The fighting between the Bakonjo and Bamba angered Museveni who nearly ordered the Rwenzururu king’s arrest for fuelling the ethnic violence.

Mr. Museveni said that there was no need for self emphasis by any tribe in Uganda because all tribes complement each other and mutually benefit each other if they live in harmony.

He noted that in the modern era, life runs on economics and economic benefits and not tribes, ethnicity or even religion.

“Tribes benefit each other as they provide market for goods and service of the other tribes thus one tribe’s prosperity is dependent on another tribe. Therefore, they should live in harmony,” he said.

“My milk and meat from Rwakitura is consumed in Kampala. Is it consumed by my Banyankole neighbors? Of course not and thus my prosperity is not dependent on them but rather on the people of Kampala and beyond who are not necessarily my tribe’s men,” he noted.

The President noted “I don’t want to hear this tribal talk and tribal conflicts again because they are just diversionary, misguiding, anti-development and totally a result of negative and backward ideological mentality.”

Mr. Museveni urged the people of Kasese to engage in modern agriculture and get rid of poverty in their homesteads which, he said, was the major problem to the citizens.

He asked the population to do intensive farming and engage in a number of activities with emphasis on high yielding enterprises. He noted that in the new drive of wealth creation, he had introduced Army Officers in the distribution of seeds, animals and farm inputs through out the country after realizing that a lot of funds had been wasted in the National Agricultural and Advisory Services (NAADS) programme.

He said that in the case of Kasese, because land has largely been fragmented, enterprises such as coffee, fruits, zero-grazing, poultry, piggery and bee-keeping should be promoted.

The President however said that a special package targeting the urban population will also be supported with enterprises such as carpentry and metal works, weaving, dying, painting, Peri-urban agriculture and welding. He noted that a special fund should be extended to support these sectors.
Following an invitation to Ssejusa’s welcoming party, ambulance opposition activists under the For God and My Country crusade have expressed fear and concern over the circumstances under which the former spy master returned home.

Upon his return from exile last week, website like this former coordinator of intelligence organs has since organized a welcoming party scheduled for today at his city home in Naguru and among those invited are opposition activists.

Addressing journalists at 4GC Headquarters at Katonga Road, this Nakasero in Kampala, JEEMA President Asuman Basaalirwa explained that there are a lot of unanswered questions on how Ssejusa was able to return last week.

“We received invitation to the party and we appreciate the fact that he knows our existence but we will not be attending it because his return is shrouded in mystery .There are reports that government negotiated the return and went further to foot the bills. He has neither come out to refute the allegations,” Basaalirwa told journalists.

According to the JEEMA President, Ssejusa is still a serving soldier  directly controlled by the UPDF code of ethics which Basaalirwa says can’t allow the former spy master join partisan politics.

“By the time he left he was the coordinator of intelligence organs, we want him to first retire from the army and he fully joins politics before we can fully associate with him. He has to draw a clear line before we can work together”

On reports that he might be arrested for carrying out a city procession during his welcoming party, Basaalirwa warned that opposition activists will not hesitate to join Ssejusa if at all what he termed as fundamental rights are not granted to the former spy master.

“If they happen to arrest him, we shall join and stand with him for anything that happens to him,“ the JEEMA President stressed.
In an exclusive interview with ChimpReports, Moses Bigirwa explained that police has been informed of the Ssejusa welcoming party which scheduled to take place at his city home in Naguru later today.

“The UPDF General will make a procession in the city centre and to this he has already informed police about his intension who have given him a go ahead,” Bigirwa told this investigative website on Monday evening.

The former spy master returned home on Sunday morning aboard a British Airways flight before landing at Entebbe Airport where he was received by his lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi and ISO boss Col. Ronnie Balya before heading straight to his home in Sembabule.

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