‘We Are Serious About Overthrowing Museveni In 2021’ – Bobi Wine Roars

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine spat hell fire during an interview on ‘Akaboozi’ radio station last evening as he preached his gospel of Unity.
The member of parliament for Kyadondo East emphasized his political motive, goal and how it is going to be a definite success.
“We are serious about this issue of removing Museveni from power, we are not here to joke,” he pointed out on a serious note.
Bobi Wine added, “Yes we may have stood and failed, but we have studied the reasons for their failure. The only way to win this is if we are united as the people.”
He said that he respects political parties for they have done a lot,but he does not believe in having political parties.
“It is political parties that cause divisions amongst the people… Even if someone is good, some people will sabotage him/her just because they are in different political parties which is not good, ‘ the singer gave his views.
He went on to add, “We are fighting for a Uganda, where people can stay united regardless of political parties, class, religion; only if we unite shall we defeat this man.”
Bobi Wine concluded that as ‘People Power’ they do not believe in political parties but they believe in the people…they do not want people to fight but to vote.
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