We Are Receiving Threats over Government Exposure – Activists

Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group, a coalition that brings together Civil Society Organizations and individuals in Uganda to engage in influencing the budget process has come out to reveal that they are receiving “anonymous threats” when they expose some of the bad deeds of Government.

Revealing this, Executive Director CSBAG, Mr Julius Mukunda was talking to journalists after the launch of their budget monitoring performance report for 2016/2017 Financial Year at Golf Course Hotel on Thursday.

“Many of our workers have received threats especially those employed in the section of anti-corruption and advocacy work,” he started.

“I wouldn’t give the specifics because of the privacy issues but our partners in Lira, Teso, Kibale, Sebei have been threatened by anonymous people, threatening them their lives and those of their families that they will definitely be harmed if they continue with this kind of advocacy work.”

Mukunda noted that these threats come in form of phone calls and messages.

He added: “For us it’s the type of work we do and we are prepared for that but of course if you have a new member in the community who has never experienced this, it sort of demoralizes him, but it’s something we stand up against.”

He noted that they are yet to opt for Police or Court because the threats are still pre-mature.

“This doesn’t stop us, actually it energizes us cos then we know that we are doing a good job,” he concluded.

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