We Are Investigating Attack On Dr. Besigye – FDC

Following Saturday’s attack on its former president Rtd. Col. Kizza Besigye by purported supporters of the People Power pressure group, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has responded.

Addressing journalists today at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, John Kikonyogo the deputy party spokesperson said they are wholesomely investigating the entire incident and that they will divulge details at a later date.

‘‘As FDC we condemn that fracas in Bulange. As a party we shall investigate, get to know the motives of those people and then we’ll act accordingly. We have to find out who they are working for and why they came at that very time”, Kikonyogo said.

He, nonetheless brushed off this incident as a ‘small scratch’, which cannot derail Kizza Besigye or FDC in its quest to dislodge the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government from power.

According to Kikonyogo, Besigye is far too strong to give up, considering the tribulations he has experienced in his long career as an opposition politician.

He alp warned youths to refrain from being used by opportunists but warned that FDC is ready to defend itself in the face of similar provocations.

“They should know that FDC is always ready to counter those small small scratches. I cannot call them big issues. Disregard what is on social media, they will not do it again” he adds.

According to Kikonyogo, the opposition should focus on undertaking strategies aimed at taking power not antagonizing each other


Rwanda – Uganda relations

In the heat of souring relations between the two neighbors, Kikonyogo implored the Ugandan government to transparently inform the general public of what is exactly transpiring instead of giving skewed versions.

“We appeal to the government to come out and explain what is going on between Rwanda and Uganda. The statements from the prime minister, minister of foreign affairs and the government spokesperson Mr. Ofwono Opondo are not convincing to Ugandans. They tell us it’s a small issue but the borders are closed.”

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