We Are Finally Winning the War on Poverty, Crime – Says Museveni in End of Year Address

President Yoweri Museveni has expressed content with the level of success of his government in the fight against poverty.

The president and the NRM Government have over the years faced criticism for launching numerous poverty eradication programs, most of which have failed.

Some of the failed programs cited often by Museveni’s critics include Bonna baggagawale, (Prosperity for all), Okulembeka, Plan for Modernization of Agriculture, Entandikwa, NUSAF, NURAP, and more recent ones like NAADS and the UPDF led Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

But according to the president, all these programs have not failed but collectively led to tangible results in the fight against poverty

“Our repeated efforts are finally beginning to succeed,” Museveni said in his end of year (2019) national address at his country home in Rwakitura.

“In the last years we’ve begun to have surplus maize; which is good. We now have 5million tones vs 1million tones that is consumed in Uganda”

Other examples he cited include 40000tones of sugar currently produced in the country, vs the 300000 consumed; as well as the growth of Milk production to 2.5billion litres a year from 200million; 60million kilos of tea from 3million and 5million bags of coffee from 2million.

“The surge in production on account of the limited waking up of our people, has meant the prices coming down for instance to 300 shilling a kilo for maize,” he added.


This growth in production, however, the president said, poses another challenge of market availability, which he said can only be addressed if all Ugandans heed to his message of patriotism

“We have been telling you, if you love yourself and your tribe; you have to love Uganda as a whole because it is Uganda that is going to help you.”

“You hear people saying “We the Banyankole, We the Baganda.” If your fellow Banyankole are most important, why can’t they buy your surplus milk?”


Meanwhile in his address, Museveni expressed optimism in the steps take so far in the fight against violent crimes.

The CCTV cameras so far set up in different parts of the city, he said, had proven a big problem to criminals.

“During Christmas the police reported 21 murders in the whole country. Most of these were straight forward cases of drunken fights, fighting over women and the suspects are either known or have been arrested,” he said.

This, Museveni said, is in spite of the fact that his entire planned anti-crime strategy is not even 30% complete.


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