Water Supply Challenges in Kampala Will Soon Be History – Eng Sharon Karungi

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has completed a number of interventions to address water supply challenges in Kampala.

According the Kampala Water Network Manager Eng. Sharon Karungi, the corporation produces about 250 million litres of water per day against a peak demand of over 300 million litres per day.

“Kampala has grown from the city of 7 hills we all knew and expanded to Mukono, Wakiso and nearby cities. To bridge the supply gaps, the Government of Uganda through NWSC embarked on the construction of a second water treatment plant in the Eastern part of Kampala at Katosi. The plant, near completion, will add over 160million litres of water per day subsequently addressing the water supply challenges in Kampala,’’ Eng. Karungi shared.

She further noted that Kampala Water Network engineers have completed a number of interventions to serve customers in water stressed areas as the bigger project, Katosi, gets on board.

These include: Construction of a 30m3 underground sump near Prime Petrol station, laying of 1km pumping main from kyanja Mosque to Kyanja hilltop and a 1.6kms distribution main from Kyanja hilltop to address supply challenges on Kyanja Hill, Kanyanya, parts of Gayaza and parts of Ntinda.

A newly laid 2km Bandwe distribution main from Kinawa to Kasenge has also been commissioned to address low water pressure concerns along Nakawuka road, Kinawa, Kikajjo, Kasenge, Nakirama and the surrounding areas, development of a motorized borehole, laid a 2kms pumping main to augment water supply to parts of Nsasa and Bulindo and development of a motorized borehole, laid a 1.5kms of pumping main to address water supply challenges in Maya, Katende and the surrounding areas.

“Other Ongoing Interventions included purchase of land for a booster station, construction of Maya booster station, and Laying of 4Km distribution main from maya hill to Katende to improve water supply in Maya, Katende, and Nanziga by end of January 2021, laying of 3.7km of distribution mains from Kiwologoma through Kimwanyi to Nakasajja and address the low water pressure situations in Gayaza-Kanyanya service areas and Ziranumbu,” Karungi said.

She added: “The other intervention is the laying of a 3.5Km distribution main from Kanisa Ya Kristu, Namugongo to Agenda 2000 along Kireka namugongo road and laying of 5Km distribution main from Sonde reservoir through Namwezi, Nabusugwe, Nsasa, and address low pressure concerns in parts of Mbalwa, Nsawo, Kira Kito, Namugongo, Misindye, Kiryamuli, Nabusugwe, Nsasa, Mulawa, Bulindo, Kiwologoma, Kitukutwe and the surrounding areas among others.”


In addition, NWSC is also laying mains from Mbuya booster station to Mbuya CMI hill, construction of a 100m3 reservoir at Mbuya hill and distribution network to address low pressure concerns at CMI headquaters, Mbuya parents, Mbuya barracks, Rinovia hotel, Mbuya police and parts of Upper Mbuya.

4km of mains have been completed from Buloba to Kisamula distribution system and will improve supply to Kisamula, Buloba, Buyala and Bujuko by January 2021 and the completion of a 6.3km mains from Rubaga reservoir to Bulenga booster will improve supply to Nakuwadde, Kyebando, Kigoma, Kireka, Bujjuko, Kabulengwa, Nansana, Wakiso and Kakiri.

“This will also address supply concerns to Nansana, Wakiso, Kakiri, Bulenga and the surrounding areas by January 2021. We are also laying a 7.5km main off Entebbe road to Bukwenda service area to improve supply to Katale, Seguku, Busawula, Bukwenda, Kasenge and the surrounding areas by January 2021,” Eng Karungi added.

Kampala Water General Manager, Mahmood Lutaaya, assured city dwellers that works on the new water treatment plant are in final stages.

Kampala Water General Manager, Mahmood Lutaaya

“Pumps have been installed. We are now laying 500 meters of abstraction pipe into the lake, the reservoirs at Nsumba,  Ssonde and the new Namugongo pumping station have all been completed, the 55kms transmission main from Katosi, Mukono, Seeta, Namugongo, Naalya, Ntinda to the Naguru reservoir is 95% complete. The total project is 90% complete,’’ he said

According to Lutaaya, Katosi system tests will commence in January 2021 as the contractor prepares to hand over the project for operationalization in the first quarter of 2021.

He assured customers in water stressed areas that NWSC is working in over drive mode to deliver the project and bridge the water supply gaps in the Kampala Metropolitan Service Area.


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