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WATCH: How Ex Mayor Mamerito was Attacked by Gunmen at his Gate

Hundreds of potholes welcome you to Kiira Town in Wakiso District.

It’s this Municipality, remedy located about 15 kilometers from Kampala City, medicine which Mamerito Mugerwa led for many years as a Mayor.

His two-storey residence is located in the same area.

The opulent mansion sits on an acre of land featuring a paved driveway and lush green compound.

In the neighborhood are wealthy businessmen and executives of prominent corporations in Kampala.

At 10:17pm on Wednesday, Mamerito, who was driving himself in a white double cabin, arrived at his gate.

Having served in many capacities in intelligence and security circles, Mamerito is known in the area for hunting down hardcore criminals.

Until his reign as Mayor, Kiira Municipality had turned into a breeding ground for criminals that terrorized the area and neighbouring Towns.

The vehicle Mamerito was driving when thugs attacked him
The vehicle Mamerito was driving when thugs attacked him

But Mamerito would later use his skills and network of informers to launch a protracted crackdown on criminality, pacifying the area.

He also encouraged locals to engage in poverty eradication programmes, boosting household incomes.

But his reign was equally tainted by corruption as fatty road construction tenders were handed to his cronies.

Gunmen at the gate

When he appeared at his gate on Wednesday night, Mamerito did not bother to hoot.

“He does not have a guard here. So, he normally opens the gate himself. Besides, Mamerito has no time to waste as he waits for anyone to do it,” recounted a house helper we found at his residence on Thursday morning.

Last night was different. As Mamerito opened the gate, his wife and children were in the House waiting for him.

Suspected gunmen appeared to have laid an ambush in a small eucalyptus tree forest below the former Mayor’s residence.

The thugs are suspected to have hidden around this shrub outside Mamerito's residence
The thugs are suspected to have hidden around this shrub outside Mamerito’s residence

“The gunmen grabbed him and a fight ensued. He tried to fight for his life,” recounted the house helper who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

“During the scuffle, we heard gunshots. Mamerito is also armed. He was overpowered and injured. He sustained wounds on the head. We are now waiting for doctors’ medical report,” he added.

It remains unclear whether the attackers were assassins or robbers. The house helper said Mamerito was ordered by the assailants to open his wallet before taking his money.

The wife was wailing, asking the attackers not to kill him.

Mamerito's plush residence
Mamerito’s plush residence (All photos by Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

The thugs also opened the car, walking away with some documents some of which were found by police in the neighbouring forest.

Police are said to have arrived at the scene about 20 minutes later. They kept an eye on the house till morning.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed the attack but quickly added that an elaborate report would be released later today.

The attack has since caused unease in the fast-developing town and its suburbs. Criminal cases are always on the rise during the festive season.

Mamerito is no stranger to controversy.

When he led efforts to evict the people of Kasokoko from a contested piece of land for development, Mamerito was severely beaten up and his car torched.

He survived death by a whisker as security forces battled an angry mob on the dusty streets of Kasokoso.

Mamerito is currently hospitalized at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala.

Additional reporting by Giles Muhame


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