War Memorial Center Opened in Lukodi Sub-county.

The Foundation for Justice and Development Initiative (FJDI), a local NGO in northern Uganda has opened a War Memorial Center in Lukodi Sub-county where the Joseph Kony led Lord’s Resistance Army rebels massacred about 47 people in May of 2004.

Speaking at the official opening of the Center, Bishop Nelson Onono Onweng, and Chairperson of the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative noted that Memorial center will help in the healing the people who suffered during the LRA insurgency.

Bishop Onono who also hails from Lukodi sub-county added that community members of Lukodi will be reminded by the memorial that they have now turned another page toward development.

Bishop Onono, Victims and community members stand for a group photo atLukodi primary school play ground.

According to Lino Owor Ogora, the Director FJDI, this center was opened to promote memory, which he said is important for the healing process.

Mr. Ogora, a longtime advocate for Transitional Justice added that the center has been received with a lot of mixed reactions continuing that they will combine both psychosocial supports for individual victims.

Bismarck Rubangakene who spoke on behalf of the Lukodi victims said that they are doing many things together as victims including Village Savings, drama groups among others adding that this center will help as a unifying center for victims.

On the 19th May 2004, LRA rebels attacked Lukodi where the internally displaced people were in protected camps, and massacred 47 of them.

Lukodi is one of the case locations where former LRA commander Dominic Ongwen is being charged for at the ICC.



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