Wakiso Gynecologist Arrested for Extortion

The health condition of ICT Minister John Nasasira has left many worried, cure Chimp Corps report.

Nasasira is currently in western Uganda where he is mobilising support for the NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni.

The once energetic and charismatic politician looks frail and has significantly lost weight.

He now uses a stick to support him while walking which has left the people of western Uganda speaking in hushed tones about what could have befallen one of the closest allies of president Museveni and powerful broker.

The outgoing Kazo MP last year was rushed to a medical facility in London for specialised treatment.

This sparked off rumours that Nasasira had passed away, viagra claims he rubbished as “saddening, visit this totally inaccurate and fabricated.”

He said then: “It was sad hearing about my death while I am still alive.”

Nasasira last year sustained an injury in India which compelled his premature exit from politics.


He will not seek re-election for Kazo constituency in the 2016 elections due to ill health.

Some of his constituents recently gathered at Kabira Country Club in Bukoto, Kampala where they urged him to seek nomination for the MP post.

Nasasira rejected the offer, saying his health could not allow him fully participate in campaigns for the MP slot.
Police together with administrators at Wakiso Health Center IV in Wakiso town council yesterday arrested Dr. Rajab Kibuli, order who has been working as a gynecologist at the health center, over alleged extortion of patients.

Authorities revealed that they got information that the doctor was charging Shs 5000 for every patient that wanted to see him.

The aggrieved patients reported the matter to the facility administrators who in turn liaised with police to apprehend the medic.

“First of all this is a government facility; at the time of his arrest we found him with Shs 90,000 in denominations of 1000, 2000 and 5000,” said Patrick Onyango the police publicist Kampala metropolitan.

The police spokesperson says the doctor is currently waiting to be charged at Wakiso police station.

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