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Wakida Denies Soliciting Shs 50m Poll Bribe

Police in Mbarara are holding over 10 people said to be involved in the theft cars in Mbarara town and neighboring districts.

The arrested are residents of Mbarara, physician http://demcsb.com/wp-includes/pomo/mo.php Sheema, view http://coachypnose.fr/wp-admin/includes/media.php Kampala, and Wakiso districts according to the Mbarara district police commander Jaffar Magyezi.

He named the suspects as George Musitu, Emmanuel Asiimwe, Nicholas Beinomugisha, James Kankiriho, Fred Bigirwa, Cosma Agaba, Alex Sebaggala, Peter Tusingwire, Kenneth Nabimanya and Peter Tusingwire.

Alex Sebaggala, one of the suspects is a Senior Six student at Kololo High School in Kampala.

Police told us Sebaggala was netted red-handed, opening a locked car at mid night in Mbarara town.

The school boy confessed that he and his group target small cars especially Toyota Premios which have ready market in Kampala. He named one of the buyers as Hussein Kisekka.

Mbarara DPC Jaffar Magyezi says the group is suspected to have stolen more than 10 vehicles
Mbarara DPC Jaffar Magyezi says the group is suspected to have stolen more than 10 vehicles

DPC Magyezi said the group was netted with 2 vehicles although he believes they have 9 more.

Most of the thieves he said are expert mechanics who use handmade equipment to open, drive off and dismantle the stolen vehicles.


Meanwhile Magyezi also paraded Allan Mugabe and Denis Gumisiriza, both residents of Rubindi in Mbarara who steal cows and transport them in their cars from parts of western region.

Magyezi said that the two groups will be taken to court and charged with theft.
Popular researcher, seek http://d4462130.u92.platformpublishing.com.au/wp-content/plugins/backupwordpress/admin.settings.php Dr. Patrick Wakida has described as “insane” accusations of soliciting a Shs 50m bribe from government to alter results of a poll showing that President Museveni was doing badly in terms of popularity.

Wakida said government spokesperson; Ofwono Opondo who made the allegations on Capital FM last week was deceptive and deserves to be fired.

Research World International (RWI) an organization headed by Wakida recently released a poll which placed the incumbent President Museveni in lead with 51 percent, about it http://dailycoffeenews.com/wp-includes/class-requests.php Kizza Besigye with 32 percent and Amama Mbabazi with 12.

The poll conducted between December 2015 and January 2016 involved 2, generic http://chipinhead.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/vaultpress.php 685 respondents (registered voters) in 89 districts.

While appearing on Capital Radio on Saturday morning, a rather annoyed Wakida stated: “I’m totally taken back with the kind of people employed by this government. I have always thought of Ofwono Opondo as a sane person until I heard what he alleged.”

The researcher, through his legal counsel Gawaya Tegulle served Opondo with a notice of intention to sue unless he openly apologizes within 3 days.

He wants Opondo to produce the recording of the meeting that he claims to possess.

Much as he admitted to meeting Opondo at Kabira Country Club in July last year, Wakida denies having discussed results of the poll rather the thematics and methodology.

“Each time we launch a poll we have to engage the stakeholders. So he (Opondo) and I agreed to meet at 5:00 pm but he came at 7:00 pm. I gave him the thematics and told him we had a power point report, and that in case he wanted extra analysis I would send him a 96 paged questionnaire.”

Wakida added: “This extra analysis would be paid for but the Shs 58m I mentioned to him was in reference to the cost of the entire poll.”

“Ofwono and I have met at several other moments but I have never asked money from him. I think it (bribery) is a practice he’s used to and therefore when he set out to meet me that evening, that’s what he anticipated,” added Dr. Wakida.

The researcher wondered why Opondo would berate a poll whose content and findings the NRM is already consuming.

Opondo reacts

In his response, Opondo who was appearing on the same show was adamant to retract his earlier claims saying Wakida was desperate to meet him.

He argued that there was no need for extra analysis yet the report hadn’t been released.

“Wakida called me about 15 times saying I was the one holding him back from releasing the report. Why would I ask for extra analysis of a poll I haven’t seen? If he is choosing to go to court, I will see him there,” responded Opondo.

FDC publicist, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda while commenting on the issue asserted that he wasn’t surprised about Opondo’s allegations.

“He is known to be a servant of this government who has turned a public institution (Uganda Media Centre) into an NRM platform. That is Ofwono Opondo and he will never reform since that’s what he’s paid to do,” said Ssemujju.

Wakida is majorly faulted for compromising his ethical standards by involving himself in a political poll yet he is a known member of the FDC party.

NRM’s Mike Sebalu observed: “Ethics requires that you disqualify yourself where your neutrality is subject of contest.”

Wakida however said 18 polls he has conducted in the past have all had President Museveni in lead.

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