Waive Taxes on Cosmetics – Albinos Demand

The Association of people living with Albinism has asked government to reduce or remove taxes on cosmetics that help in treating their skins.

Peter Ogiki, troche the chairperson source of the union of people with albinism says Albinos can only prolong their life by applying some cosmetics especially during sunny weather for which government can help subsidize their prices or provide them freely.

“Some Albinos are too poor to afford buying chemicals that would help them withstand bad weather and as a result have suffered from cancer and skin decay which would possibly be averted” he said.

The requests were made during the international Albino awareness day celebrations held on Tuesday at Busoga Square in Jinja town.

Celebrated under the theme; “advancing with renewed hope by promoting access to better health services and livelihood opportunities of persons with Albinism,” the Albinos castigated social discrimination from members of the public.

“We are human beings like other people who equally deserve respect, care and access to all opportunities in the society without any discrimination” Ogiki added.

Jinja District Woman Member of Parliament, Loy Katali who was the guest of honor urged parents and intending couples to always make it a point that they test for albinism before marriage.

“Just like people do on HIV AIDS, we need to equally test for Albinism so that we can have few born albinos because their life is short and they go through a number of challenges.”


She however said that being an albino is not a curse, not a disease or a punishment and “Albinos are not ghosts as other people assume but it’s the situation they live with that is beyond human making and thinking.”

“It’s your right to have good education; it’s your right to make sure that whatever the government brings is accessible and enjoying the social and economic programs of this government,” she said.

The legislator urged people with disabilities to stand firm promising that the government will move with them because they are entitled to support.

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