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Wafula Oguttu Celebrates TDA’s Death, Exonerates Besigye

As Muslims in the country gather today to mark this year’s Eid Adhuha, approved http://ceris.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets.php police is calling for extra vigilance as there could be a terror attack in the city center.

Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura informed the Muslim community last evening that they were anticipating a terror attack by the Somali based Islamist group Alshabaab on a mosque in Kampala today.

“In particular, diagnosis http://ca-uqam.info/wp-includes/class-http.php they [terrorists] are targeting mosques such as TANHID Mosque in located in Kisenyi, http://clevelandheartlab.com/wp-admin/includes/comment.php Central Kampala,” said Kayihura in a statement.

The IGP appealed to the Muslims and the public to be on the constant lookout for suspicious people, and to report them to police.

“Look out for anything or anybody suspicious…they may be putting on a long court …be bold and challenge them to identify themselves and what they might be carrying, and immediately report to the nearest police on patrol, police station or any other security personnel.”

Kayihura however, assured the Muslims that police has in place extra measures to ensure that the city and the country and Eid celebrations are successful.

Meanwhile Prayers are underway in Kampala and around the country to celebrate Eid Adhuha where Muslims get to honor the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son, as an act of submission to God’s command.
Hours after The Democratic Alliance [TDA] fell on its face last night, http://cineaverde.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-base.php failing to pick a singular candidate to front in next year’s elections, online http://consolibyte.com/scripts/build/build_20130416/docs/example_ipp_ids_findbyid.php finger pointing and name-calling as anticipated has taken center stage.

The opposition coalition front, formed with the hope of defeating the incumbent NRM government in the coming elections yesterday crumbled after its Summit failed to pick a candidate from FDC’s Col Kizza Besigye and Go Forwards’s Hon Amama Mbabazi.


It emerged at around midnight yesterday that the Dr Besigye’s camp during the hours of deliberations accused Amama Mbabazi of having a stained past and thus undeserving to lead the opposition front against President Yoweri Museveni.

They also stressed that Mbabazi lacked the grassroots structures and could not claim to represent rule of law and accountability.

After the failure of the TDA, numerous voices including some strong pillars in the FDC have come out to condemn Col Kizza Besigye for exhibiting high levels of hunger for presidency.

Highly vocal members such has Hon Beatrice Anywar alias Mama Mabira and Diaspora based Dr Munini Muleera, have publicly denounced Dr Besigye and blamed him for playing double standards.

Hon Anywar recently told media that Dr Besigye [having failed on three attempts to defeat President Museveni] should step aside play the role of a statesman — guiding other candidates in the struggle for change.

However, the leader of opposition, Hon Wafula Oguttu who was also the spokesperson of the failed Alliance has expressed dismay over the attack on Dr Besigye, saying that he had nothing to do with the death of the coalition.

“He [Besigye] did not take FDC to TDA. FDC took him to TDA. And FDC took the final decision opting for a two front battle against NRM based on the prevailing reality on the ground,” observed Oguttu.

“He was not even present when the final decision was taken. I pity colleagues Hon Beatrice Anwyar and Dr Munini Muleera who made unfair attacks on Kizza Besigye because of lack of information. I strongly believe in “No Investigation no right to speak,”

Oguttu further expressed optimism for regime change; now that both Col Besigye and Hon Mbabazi will be standing against the incoming in next year’s elections.

“Now there is big possibility for the opposition to defeat Museveni in 2016, in a well coordinated joint strategy whereby Go Forward ProChange Movement will concentrate on reducing his NRM votes while opposition Parties will consolidate their traditional votes as both groups woe the 42% of voters who stayed away in 2011.”


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