Wafula Oguttu Blasts Kamya for Attacking Besigye

The former Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Wafula Oguttu has blasted KCCA Minister, Betty Kamya over her recent remarks against Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Ms. Kamya who is also the party president of Uganda Federal Alliance, on Tuesday told ChimpReports in an exclusive interview that Dr. Besigye selfishly spent Shs 10bn on himself alone in the last general elections.

According to Kamya, Besigye should have invested part of the money in securing big numbers in Parliament like Museveni did, and the FDC strongman should stop intimidating people on age limit but wait for a democratic vote in Parliament.

In a response to Kamya’s allegations, Oguttu said the whole FDC party spent only Shs 2bn in the last elections.

“Where did Besigye get shs10bn  from? Candidate Besigye and FDC  spent a total of about shs 2bn, half of it came from Uganda taxpayers,” Oguttu said in response.

In April 2015 Electoral Commission released Shs 10bn for the 6 political parties represented in Parliament then.

NRM got the lion’s share of Shs 8.2bn while FDC got Shs 1.14bn and the rest shared the remaining amount depending on their numerical strength in Parliament.

Oguttu also accused Kamya of taking money from Museveni during the 2011 elections to fight Dr. Besigye.

“Incidentally in 2010 that woman got shs 4bn from that man she is bootlicking  to fight Besigye  and FDC during the 2011 general elections. How many MPs did she bring to Parliament?” Oguttu asked.

UFA is yet to send a member to Parliament and Kamya represented Rubaga North (2006-2011) on FDC ticket.

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