Voltage Music’s Kent and Flosso Assure Fans Of Signature Cocktails, New Music

Singers Kent and Flosso of Voltage Music have assured fans that they will be serving them with the best cocktails as well as treating them to the best Music performance of their latest hit singles.


The Music duo confirmed the news on their social media pages, saying they will be entertaining partiers at a show that will be happening at Club Guvnor this Friday.


Dubbed ‘Ciroc Pop Night,’ which is in its fifth edition, happens every second Friday of the month and voltage music duo Kent and Flosso will be headlining artists of the night.


The singers are currently undergoing mixologist training classes and will be serving their fans a signature cocktail they will be preparing that night.



Apart from the cocktails, the singers are set to entertain partiers with their hit club bangers.


“We shall be representing 100% Voltage music, don’t be anywhere else, just be at Guvnor and witness us make history, expect hit after hit,” the duo said in the video shared on social media.


Kent and Flosso came to the limelight after their ‘Byafayo’ track became a club banger and have recently had arguably the biggest hit song in the country titled ‘Squeeze,’ a collaboration with Fille.


The duo has also featured on songs with Uganda’s top stars including Vinka and Ray G among others.

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