Vision Group Probes Radio Presenter Denzel Amid Multiple Rape Allegations

Following an avalanche of sexual assault allegations on one of their senior employees, Government owned Vision Group has announced that an internal investigation will be launched and appropriate action taken against radio host Denzel Mwiyeretsi.

Denzel, a former Big Brother Africa Housemate, works with the media group’s Xfm.

He faces accusations, yet again, of sexually assaulting multiple young women.

Denzel’s name emerged among several others, in a wave of a social media exposé.

Robert Kabushenga, the Vision Group CEO announced Thursday that the company would look into the allegations and give audience to all the accusers willing to come forward.

“Here’s what is going to happen,” Kabushenga tweeted.

“Gloria (HR) and Peace (Audit) will examine all the allegations so far made on social media against Denzel.”

“They will receive any further facts about the case that anyone will bring directly to them at my office”


He added, “Denzel will face a disciplinary committee to answer the accusations against him and then we shall make the right decision.

“I Guarantee that all parties will receive a fair hearing and the interests of justice will be duly served.”

Most of the allegations shared on social media against Denzel and other men including rapper Ruyonga, entail, the culprits taking advantage of girls, often by inebriating them first.

In one, a woman claims Denzel raped her at his house, as she tried to interview her for her show.

She says she went to meet him at Xfm but he asked to first take a shower at house.

At the house, she says, he “dragged” her from the sitting room and forced himself on her.

“I fought him. I really tried. I failed. I was a victim.”

While narrating her ordeal to her friend on phone, she says, the latter all revealed that Denzel had abused in the same way.

Another accuser says Denzel took them out for drinks, and that he “offered his house” only for her wake up naked in his bed the following morning.

In the raging debate that ensued, social media users expressed split opinions on Vision Group’s response.

While many praised Mr Kabushenga’s swift intervention, others wondered why the matter (being criminal) was not left to be handled by police.

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