Vipers CEO Mentioned in Express fc Transfer Scandal

The Inspector General of Police Gen.Kale Kayihura has said there is no crime in following and acting on orders of President Museveni who is also the Commander in Chief.

The police and particularly Gen. Kayihura have often come under attack from opposition politicians and civil society, symptoms  accusing them of being partisan and working on orders of President Museveni to persecute them.

The accusations have intensified lately in the electoral season, visit this site that Museveni who contesting for the top executive seat for the fifth time, has a full backing of the police force.

Addressing journalists on Saturday evening at the police offices in Naguru, Kayihura said it is not wrong to follow orders of President Museveni whom he said is the head of security in the country and all commanders get orders from him.

“I don’t even need to be ordered because I am expected to know my responsibility as the IGP. He is the commander in chief,” Kayihura said.

He added, “There is nothing wrong with him giving me orders on national matters.”

On being partisan, Gen Kayihura said that the police force has tried to protect all presidential candidates and ensuring they follow the electoral guidelines.

“There are few cases we have used force like in Amuru where Besigye went up to almost 9pm and in Dokolo where Mbabazi’s rally was after 7pm but we have minimized the use of force. How come this has affected only those two people?”


“For reasons best known to them, Besigye and Mbabazi want to defy electoral laws which we cannot accept,” the police chief noted.

The transfer saga at local historic giants, drug Express fc has taken a new crude shape following a series of scandals revealed by the club CEO Mr. Abubakar Muhammad Hadji [Rams].

On Wednesday, this week the outspoken CEO accused “mafias in Ugandan football who are only interested in bringing the game to disrepute.”

He pointed out the specific cases where Express player Issa Lumu left the club in the middle of the season headed to Myanmar and KCCA FC unveiling Ceasar Okhuti before approaching Express fc.

Rams Hadji as he is commonly known claims that Haruna Kyobe, Vipers SC CEO sent Lumu to forge his (Rams’) signature which was implanted in a fake release letter.

“He (Kyobe) sent Lumu to pick a copy of his contract (with Express) from the club offices. We issued Lumu with the copy only for them to go and scan my (Rams’) signature and ‘illegally’ use it on a fake release letter,” Rams narrated.

“I have asked my lawyers to open a criminal case on Kyobe because I have tried to reach him but my calls always go unanswered.”

The Ceo says that “Yagon Mynmar received the ‘forged’ release letter but further asked for an accompanying letter from Express chairman. That is where we got them. Actually Kyobe with the help of an insider had started efforts to forge the same documents.”

Kyobe’s responds
When reached for a comment on the matter, the Vipers CEO accepted he had a hand in the transfer but denies any wrongdoing.

“Express FC officials are aware of all the transactions in relation to Issa Lumu’s transfer hence consented to his clearance,” he said.

“He (Rams) is just a confused guy, he is a CEO with just a title with no authority because Express benefited from the boy’s transfer. And they duly consented to his release after agreeing terms with the acquiring Party.”

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