VIDEO:When Mowzey Radio Attempted Stand-Up Comedy

Mowzey Radio might be a vocally endowed singer and songwriter but he is terrible at telling jokes.

The singer took a shot at standup comedy on Thursday at the weekly Comedy Store show in Bukoto… and it was disappointing.

The duo Radio and Weasel have on several occasions headlined at the show hosted by comedian Alex Muhangi at Diners Lounge excited the crowd.

Thursday night was more of the same as the 2013 BET Nominees treated the audience to as tream of their hits from across their discography.

Shortly after comedians Tamale Mirundi, Ronie Mcvex, Kobusheshe and Smart Ayokyayokya performed the duo took stage with their biggest hits

In its format, Comedy Store is a cocktail of comedy and music.

The multiple award winning singers took to stage a few minutes after midnight and strangely treated revelers to their throwback songs like ‘Nyambula’, ‘Ngenda Maaso’, ‘Bread and Butter’, ‘Lwaki Onumya, ‘Ngamba’ and ‘Zino Enaku’ among others.

The duo later performed their latest hits too.


Before their music performance however, Alex Muhangi had introduced a ‘comedian’ known as ‘Casette’ to the stage.

That comedian would turn out to be Mowzey Radio.

For a moment, everybody took it for a joke, only to discover minutes later that Radio would be the joke.

“You know I have always wanted to do comedy,” he said, while he tossed on the stage.

“I have a friend of mine. I call her my sweetheart. She’s a mother of mine. And she comes from that side of the Nile. But everybody complains that those people, I don’t know they killed somebody from Europe,” a seemingly tipsy Radio narrated.

Curious about the where the joke was going, the audience hang on waiting for the punchline.

“They killed uhhh.. they killed uhhh.. Whom did they kill? There was a chief from that side who caused all this much trouble. That man is very funny.”

Then he threw a tribal jab. “But you know those guys, they are very funny. I like them because that’s where I come from. If you have a problem with where I come from, you had better go back to where you come from.”

“Now I have always had a problem with Kabale people. I’m sorry I am speaking as I am as of Musoga from the Eastern side. We are the guys who killed the first man who brought the white people here.”

For 3 entire minutes, the audience only managed to laugh at Radio’s wrong English and incomplete statements.

As to whether Radio could make a better standup comedian in his sobriety, we might never get to know.

But the fact that he delivered an energetic music performance moments later draws one conclusion – he makes a great musician than comedian.

Here’s Radio’s shot at Comedy

Singing duo Radio and Weasel put up an electric performance with a fair blend of their classics
Comedienne Nancy Kobusheshe doing her act
Comedians Ronie Mcvex (L) and Tamale Mirundi (R) were also part of Thursday’s line up
The show was well attended
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