Video: Using Videos, Jim Muhwezi Pledges to Make Rujumbura Great Again

Former Information Minister Rtd Major General Jim Muhwezi has pitched camp in Rujumbura Constituency, Rukungiri where he is canvassing support for Member of Parliament in the 2021 general elections.

“I thank you for calling me back to represent you in Parliament,” said Muhwezi in a video sent out this past weekend.

“We shall continue working for the provision of social services including electricity, water and also rehabilitate our roads,” said Muhwezi.

The former minister lost the MP seat to FDC in the 2016 polls.

Muhwezi’s supporters in Rujumbura (Photo: Courtesy)

In the forthcoming NRM primaries, Muhwezi expects to floor his rivals – Julius Muhurizi and Venansio Natuhwera.

He has since been using videos, audios and small physical meetings to mobilise support ahead of the 2021 ‘digital’ elections.

In one audio, Muhwezi recounted how, during his time as MP and Minister, he lobbied for the construction of hospitals, schools and churches across the constituency.

This boosted the quality of education and healthcare in Rukungiri.


Video: Ex Minister Jim Muhwezi uses video messages to rally Rujumbura for the MP seat in the 2021 polls

Gepostet von ChimpReports am Montag, 24. August 2020

In the new video, Muhwezi promises to lobby funds for the economic empowerment of youth and female associations.

“The road construction equipment was sent to us. We have it here in Rukungiri. We will have to ensure there is enough fuel for them to work on our roads,” said Muhwezi.

“The football pitches need to be rehabilitated so our kids can play and remain healthy and productive. Our youth and women need to be supported to have access to funds channeled through ‘Emyooga’ to start and even boost their small businesses,’” he added.

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