VIDEO: Recruit Rans Mad, Beats Up UPDF Officer

A bizarre incident shook up Monday’s recruitment exercise conducted by the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) at the Kololo Independence grounds, page   when one of the youths who had turned up for recruitment went berserk.

The recruit who later identified himself as Jonathan Muhiirwa from Kampala developed complications and seemed to lose his mind after a few rounds of jogging.


He  started screaming as if had been possessed and then got up and charged at one of the UPDF Lieutenants, boxing him hard.

The army officer fell on the ground but the young man continued attacking and hitting him repeatedly.


It took the intervention of another UPDF soldier to apprehend the recruit, before other officers helped tie him down.

After being subdued, the attacker tried to negotiate so he could be left to continue with the exercise but all fell onto deaf ears.


He was later handed over to Kololo airstrip police.

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